2015 Summer Reading List

This summer, I plan to have quite a bit of time to catch up on some reading. There are several books that I am excited about diving into. Maybe you can grab some of these titles and read with me! That’d be great. Anyway, here’s the list, and feel free to comment with other titles you plan on reading or would suggest to me!

1. Mere Christianity – C. S. LewisI know, this is a classic, and I probably should have read it a long time ago, but I just never have gotten around to it.

2. Kept for Jesus: What the New Testament Really Teaches About Assurance of Salvation and Eternal Security – Sam Storms. This a brand new book, and seems to be quite timely for our day and age.

3. With the Old Breed – E. B. Sledge. The 2nd Band of Brothers series, The Pacific, is based on this book. Enough said.

4. Preach – Mark Dever. I picked this book up the other day, and I’m sure I won’t regret it.

5. Turning Points – Mark Noll. I love Christian history, and am excited to read Noll’s selections on major events in the history of Christianity.

6. Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life – Donald S. Whitney. We must practice the spiritual disciplines daily, and books like this one are practical guides.

7. The Mingling of Souls – Matt Chandler. I’m getting married in August, and am looking forward to diving into Chandler’s book on relationships.

8. American Gospel – Jon Meacham. I’m definitely a history buff, and books like this one pique my interest. I love the other Meacham books that I have read, and I’m sure this title won’t disappoint.

Well, there it is. Though I haven’t read these, I can tell that they are eight fantastic books. Let me know if you want to join! Happy reading!

3 thoughts on “2015 Summer Reading List

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  1. I’ll hit up Mere Christianity with you this summer. I’ve had it for years but never actually read it. Also, I’ll look for that new Sam Storms book. Storms is actually our pastors uncle and did a conference at our church a couple years ago.

    1. Awesome. I’m excited about it. I just started Preach this evening, and am planning to read Mere Christianity next

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