Devotional Thoughts 1/24/16

I am going to attempt something new on my blog. For the foreseeable future, in addition what I hope will be weekly blog posts, I want to post a weekly summary of some devotional thoughts. Obviously, I am not the best at blogging every week so far, as you can see by my inconsistent blogging past, but I really want to try this out. So here goes.

Throughout the past few Sundays, I have been preaching through the book of Ruth. Honestly, it has been quite challenging for me, as I had never preached or taught from this book. At first, it seemed daunting, and it still does each week. I have been made aware, however, of what a marvelous little book Ruth really is.

When considering the story of Ruth, one must take the story at more than simply its words. By considering the book as only words, Ruth is a nice love story, and could be quite comforting. We, however, can look retrospectively at this story, and see the work of God’s mighty and sovereign hand woven throughout. Constantly, social barriers are broken as the noble Boaz falls in love with the foreign widow, Ruth. The rich themes of God’s faithfulness, sovereignty, and providence abound throughout all four chapters of Ruth.

When preaching a text, my aim is to immerse myself in the text, and become familiar, or as familiar as I can, with the historical themes it portrays. I do this so that I can correctly interpret the text in modern culture, while avoiding the mistake of making the Bible say what it never meant. As I have been immersing myself in the book of Ruth over the past few weeks, I realize now how scandalous the story really is. As per the society of the day, Boaz should have never given the special provisions to Ruth as he did. She was a part of the margins of society, but alas, he noticed her, and thought her a virtuous woman.

God’s sovereign hand was at work throughout the narrative of Ruth’s life. God allowed Boaz to break the social barriers and redeem Ruth. God gave Ruth the courage to leave all that she was familiar with in Moab, and come with Naomi to Bethlehem. God was working sovereignly when Ruth happened into Boaz’s field. You see, all throughout this beautiful narrative, God is sovereignly at work.

While studying this Scripture, I cannot help to think, “When have I missed God sovereignly working in my life?” Through his will, he set up this story of Ruth and Boaz, and they were married and bore a child, and this family line was the line of David, and the eventual line of Christ. All of this happened because God worked his will in the lives of Ruth and Boaz.

Be aware of God’s sovereign fingerprint in your life. He is a faithful God, and loves you so much. Seek his will.

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