Why is the Bible So Hard to Read?

Let's all be honest with one another: The Bible can be hard to read. We wake up some days and the last thing we do is read the Bible. There is no desire to open God's Word on these days. The temptation on these days is to blame the Bible. We are quick to point... Continue Reading →

5 Ways You Can Encourage Your Pastor

Pastors need encouragement. Often, most church members only see a small part of the pastoral ministry: The Sunday Service. It is easy to forget the other aspects of ministry that your pastor has been doing throughout the week. Much of it goes unnoticed. Ministry can be quite demanding, both spiritually and physically, on your pastor. Your... Continue Reading →


How important is it to know what you believe? I think we need less and less "blind believers." In Acts 17:10-15, we find the account of the Bereans. (Go grab your Bible and read this passage.) The Bereans are not talked about much in the biblical text, but they are extremely important. They are more... Continue Reading →


The thing about salvation is that we absolutely, totally, and in no way deserve it. And that is beautiful, my friends. I often must remind myself of this fact. I become prideful in good works. I become arrogant in my salvation. For whatever reason, I often think that I have done something special to deserve... Continue Reading →

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