Into The Deep

This is simply a blog post to recommend another blog. My friend, Josh Everett, just started blogging, and you can find his blog here. Go check it out today. It’s called “Into the Deep.” His first post, A Bitter Story, is one of the more raw and honest accounts I’ve read lately. In a world of fake news and embellishment of stories, it’s incredibly refreshing to find a post so honest and real. There is not doubt that A Bitter Story is a tough and convicting read, but that’s the intent. Josh doesn’t tickle our ears. He tells his real story, and it leads up to where he is now.

Life is a battle, not just physically and mentally, but also theologically. We struggle with what we believe at different times in our lives. It’s not easy, but we’re often scared to discuss publicly what we struggling with theologically. I’m thankful that Josh has given us an account of his struggle to discover his theology (which is what we should all be doing), and I think you’ll grow from reading. So I’m done here; head over to and read A Bitter Story, and grow.


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