Rest in Christ

An Overview of “Solus Christus” What is Solus Christus? Solus Christ is the Protestant doctrine stating that salvation is obtained through the person and work of Jesus Christ. I already posted that we are saved by grace alone and justified through faith alone (You can read those here and here). However, our faith alone needs... Continue Reading →

The Gift of God

An Overview of “Grace Alone” What is Sola Gratia? Sola Gratia is the Protestant doctrine that Christians are saved by God’s grace alone. The Bible teaches we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, but believers are “justified by his grace as a gift, through the redemption in Christ Jesus, whom... Continue Reading →

Freedom Through Faith Alone

An Overview of “Sola Fide” What is Sola Fide? Sola Fide is the doctrine, recovered in the Protestant Reformation, of salvation by faith alone. Sola Fide holds that believers are justified by faith alone. First, Sola Fide says believers are justified by faith. To be justified is to be declared righteous by God. This is... Continue Reading →

The Word Does the Work

An Overview of Sola Scriptura What is Sola Scriptura? The Protestant doctrine of Sola Scriptura is that the Christian Scriptures alone are the sole infallible rule of faith and practice.First, Sola Scriptura states that Scripture is infallible. To be infallible is to be incapable of making any mistakes. Because all of Scripture is breathed by... Continue Reading →

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