Making All Things New

“Making All Things New” by David PowlisonM55614

The issue of sexual immorality has been largely addressed in various books and blog posts, but this may be the most biblical and encouraging book I’ve read on the subject. Not only does Powlison cover sexual sin, but he also addresses victims of sexual abuse. Powlison remains thoroughly gospel-centered and biblically saturated throughout this entire treatment. Powlison’s goal is to remind those who are struggling with sexual sin or have been sexually sinned against that God will make all things new, completing the good work he began in us, which comes from Philippians 1:6.

Powlison uses his experience in the world of counseling, biblical evidence, and a profound knowledge of God’s grace through the gospel to shape this book. Powlison takes some time to lay out different types of sexual sin and other ways people have been sinned against, but quickly shifts gears to lay out how God will renew all that “darkens sex”, such as unholy desires, unholy pain, and an unredeemed sense of guilt. He then focuses on the doctrine of progressive sanctification, offering that being made new is not an overnight process, but one that is lifelong.

This is a needed work for the church. Powlison masterfully shows the sinfulness of sexual immorality and the guilt that can come from being a victim of sexual sin, and reminds that the gospel washes us clean, and brings us into a garden of light, so that we are free to live the life God has planned for us.

I recommend this book to two groups of people. First, this book should be read by all those struggling to break the chains of sexual sin and sexual guilt brought on by being sinned against sexually. This book will remind you of the great gospel of Jesus Christ, which has the power to continually renew all parts of your life. Second, this book is one that every pastor who plans on counseling those who struggle with sexual sin or have been sinned against should read and consult often. This resource will help me for years, as I counsel those who struggle in these areas. I am sure that it will remain as a close companion in my role as a pastor.

You can buy Making All Things New here.


I received a complimentary copy of this book from Crossway through their Blog Review Program.

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